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    Colestid (Colestipol)

    TypeDrug NameDosage 
    Colestid1 gm
    Colestid5 gm/30 each
    Colestid7.5 gm/30 each

    How and Where to Buy Colestid Online?

    We carry the brand name Colestid here at Canadian Pharmacy World. If you have a valid prescription, you can safely and conveniently place your order at Check out How To Order. For those who would like to order by phone, or speak with someone about their order, dial 1-866-485-7979.

    Are there Alternative Names for the Brand and Generic Colestid?

    Colestid is the brand name drug, manufactured by Pfizer. Its generic counterpart is called colestipol hydrochloride, though we currently do not carry the generic in our Canadian Pharmacy at this time.

    What Dosages and Forms is Colestid available in?

    We carry Colestid from our Canadian distributor and it is available as either granules or tablets. The 1g comes in a quantity of 120 oral tablets. Colestid Granules are available in 5g and 7.5 g with 30 sachets per pack for oral suspension.

    What is Colestid used for?

    Colestid is used to lower and control bad cholesterol in the blood; also known as low-density lipoprotein (or LDL). In order to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, circulation issues, or hardening of the arteries, it’s important to keep your LDL in check.

    What are the Possible Side Effects of Colestid?

    Taking Colestid may come with very minor side effects. Most will not need medical attention, unless they become more severe. Be sure to always tell your doctor about the side effects you may be experiencing so they can determine whether or not staying on Colestid is right for you.

    The most common side effects that come with taking Colestid may include:
    • Constipation;
    • Hemorrhoids;
    • Bloating;
    • Diarrhea;
    • Headache;
    • Nausea or vomiting;
    • Stomach pain

    However, contact your doctor immediately if you experience more severe symptoms such as:
    • Trouble swallowing;
    • Severe constipation or stomach pain;
    • Black, bloody, or tarry stools

    If you suspect an allergic reaction to Colestid, be sure to stop taking the medication immediately and seek emergency help. Signs of allergic reaction include:

    Are there any Precautions and Drug interactions of Colestid?

    You should avoid taking Colestrid at the same time as other medications. Colestid can interfere with the absorption of other drug, making their therapeutic value less effective.

    To avoid constipation, be sure to drink as much water as possible throughout the day; preferably 8-12 8 ounce glasses. If constipation occurs, ask your doctor whether or not a stool softener or laxative is right for you.

    Some other medications, including both prescription and over-the-counter (OTC), vitamins, and herbal remedies may interact with Colestid making it either more potent, or reducing your body’s ability to absorb the other medication. Be sure to tell you doctor or pharmacist about any medications, vitamins, or herbal products you may be taking.

    Colestid Storage and Safety Information

    Keep your Colestid stored at room temperature, and away from both moisture and heat. For this reason, avoid storing it in your bathroom, or in direct light.

    If you suspect an overdose, seek immediate emergency help or call Poison Control at 1-800-463-5060.

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