Jet Lag Tips, Tricks, and Myths: How to Fly Comfortably

by Skye Sherman - October 12, 2020
If you’ve ever jetted off on a long trip that crosses time zones, you’re probably familiar with the traveler’s “illness” we call jet lag. Also known as desynchronosis, jet lag can cause symptoms like sleepiness during the day and feeling wide-awake at night as well as fatigue, reduced concentration and alertness, disorientation, and irritability.
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Annual Survey Campaign for Personal Prescription Importation (CPPI)

by CANPharmaWorld - September 24, 2020
It will only take a few minutes and *your feedback is critical* for helping to share the realities of safe and affordable personal prescription importation with Congressional leaders and other decision makers.
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Know the Candidates: How the Next President Could Change Health Care Forever

by Skye Sherman - September 21, 2020
Election seasons are always chaotic and high-stress, but this year probably takes the cake: with a pandemic raging and more political divisiveness than ever.
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Healthy Eating Updates from USDA’s New Dietary Guidelines

by Skye Sherman - September 4, 2020
Everyone knows the importance of eating healthy and, hopefully, has established habits related to their diet and exercise regimen that promotes a long and healthful life.
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Important Tips for Traveling During a Pandemic

by Skye Sherman - August 17, 2020
Looking to plan a trip? Travel is an extremely popular pastime, but when the COVID-19 virus hit, taking flight or hitting the road went off the table. For months, in countries around the world, people have faced travel bans, lockdown, quarantine, and many other restrictions. Many people were discouraged even to leave their homes, much less travel for work or pleasure.
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