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Is Asparagus a Sex Drive Food? What You Should Know About This Grocery Vegetable

by Skye Sherman - May 24, 2021

Sexual health is an important aspect of overall health. That’s why everyone wants a healthy sex drive that leads to a healthy and active sex life! But sex doesn’t always come easy.

Fermented Food: A Favorable Effect on Hypertension?

by Skye Sherman - June 1, 2020

If you’re a kimchi or kombucha lover, you’re in for some good news. These unique and tangy foods are loved around the world for their distinctive flavor, but it turns out they may offer some health benefits, too.

Here’s Why You Should Be Taking Nutrazul Vitamin C During Quarantine

by Skye Sherman - April 27, 2020

By now, most of us are used to the new normal: wearing a face mask in public, practicing social distancing, following strict sanitation protocols while grocery shopping, and making the most of self-quarantine and staying home to slow the spread.

Can You Order Marijuana from Canada Pharmacies Online?

by Skye Sherman - November 5, 2018

Let’s say you have a specific condition that is treated with an important prescription medication. You know about the ability to order your prescription from Canadian pharmacies online. You know about medical marijuana prescriptions. And you know that marijuana was recently legalized in Canada. So does that mean you can order marijuana from Canadian pharmacies online?

Eat This, Not That for A Better Sex Life

by Skye Sherman - October 15, 2018

Everyone wants to enjoy an optimal sex life. But few people realize that what you eat may play a big part in your sexual health and performance. This is especially true for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. Men (and, by proxy, their partners) struggle with this unfortunate illness much more commonly than you’d think. But is it possible that your diet could be a key cause or even a cure for your erectile dysfunction?

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