Mar 15, 2016
Female Viagra
5 Ways to Boost Libido Beyond female Viagra
Not all that long ago, I wrote an article about the female libido. This is because dizziness occurred nearly five times more among women on the drug compared with a placebo, and sleepiness occurred more than three times as often, while fainting occurred twice as often on the drug. The panel also expressed concerns over interactions with drinking alcohol.
Mar 14, 2016
signs of relationship
How Toxic Relationships Affect Your Health
Being involved in a toxic relationship is brutal – whether it's with a parent/child, co-worker, or our most intimate relationships. When a relationship becomes toxic, or even stressful, our bodies take a hit. Of course, no relationship is blissful and conflict-free all the time. So how do you know when your relationship has crossed the toxicity threshold?
Mar 12, 2016
Breast Milk
Would You Buy breast milk Online?
In centuries past, it wasn’t so unusual to acquire breast milk from someone else for your infant’s needs. Wet nurses have long been available for babies whose mothers could not produce enough milk. With the rise of baby formula, however, this practice went to the wayside in the United States and many other countries.