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Zetia (Ezetimibe)

TypeDrug NameDosage 
Zetia10 mg

Generic Equivalent of Zetia

TypeDrug NameDosage 
Ezetimibe10 mg

Zetia 10mg from Merck in Canada
* The product images are for reference only. Generic equivalents may also be supplied by alternate manufacturers.

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Are there Alternative Names for the Brand and Generic Zetia?

The brand name Zetia 10 mg comes from Turkey also called Ezetec, New Zealand and Canada also called Ezetrol manufactured by Merck. The generic Ezetimibe comes from Canada manufactured by Mint Pharmaceuticals and from India also called Ezedoc manufactured by Pinnacle. We may sometimes carry the generic from India also called Ezecip manufactured by a different manufacturer. Our Canadian pharmacy also carries other cholesterol medications.

What Dosages and Forms is Zetia available in?

Zetia is available in the strength of 10 mg tablets. The brand name Zetia tablets are white elliptical and oval shaped tablets with the pill imprint 414.

What is Zetia used for?

Zetia (Ezetimibe) is a prescription medication that is used alone or in combination with other cholesterol lowering medications to treat cholesterol. Ezetimibe reduces the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed by the body. Ezetimibe works by reducing the amount of cholesterol that is absorbed by your body from your diet. You may prevent strokes and heart attacks by reducing your cholesterol. This medication will work better if it is combined with a low cholesterol/low fat diet and exercise to help lower cholesterol in the blood. The usual dose of Zetia is one tablet daily with or without a meal. It may take up to two weeks before your cholesterol levels improve.

What are the Possible Side Effects of Zetia?

The common side effects may include allergic reaction, cold symptoms, cough, depressed moods, dizziness, feeling tired, gallstones, headache, numbness and tingling, stomach ache and diarrhea. The serious side effects may include:

• Chest pain;

• Dark urine;

• Fever, sore throat, blistering skin rash;

• Muscle weakness, pain;

• Nausea;

• Pancreatitis;

• Severe dizziness, trouble breathing

Are there any Precautions or Drug Interactions for Zetia?

You should not take Zetia if you are allergic to Ezetimibe or if you have any other allergies. Before you start using this medication, talk to your doctor about your medical history and about all the medications you take including OTC and herbal medications. You should not use Zetia during pregnancy unless it is clearly needed. It is unknown if this medication passes into breast milk. You should avoid eating foods that are high in fat or cholesterol.

Zetia Safety and Storage Information

Zetia should be stored at room temperature away from heat and moisture.

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