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    Best-Value Asthma Drugs for 2019 Revealed

    by @CANPharmacyWorld - April 1 , 2019

    There are a number of asthma medications on the market. Some are preventative medications, typically including a low-dose steroid, while others are fast-acting and meant to relieve an asthma attack when it occurs. For most asthma and COPD sufferers, making sure they have both is key. But how do you know which ones have the best value?

    Canadian Pharmacy World stocks both name brand and generic versions of all the popular asthma drugs and we’ve done some in-depth analysis to bring you the answer. If you’re interested in comparing the prices of asthma medications, keep reading to find your answer.

    Whether you need a rescue inhaler, oral steroids, or long-acting bronchodilators, among others—we have the price comparisons for you. Take a look below to check out the unit costs and compare them to see if you’re getting the best deal.


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