Six Fun and Silly Ways to Live Longer

written by Skye Sherman - Apr 26, 2021
medically reviewed by Dr. Tolulope Olabintan, MD - Jun 1, 2021

Photo Credit: by Mariah Cowley,
Photo Credit: by Mariah Cowley,

Everyone wants to live a long and happy life. In the modern era, humans are living longer than they ever have before, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily! For most people, living a long life means leading a healthy and active lifestyle. After all, what’s the point of living a long time if you can’t enjoy it?

If you want to extend your life, you should make sure to also increase your overall level of health and wellness while doing so. That way, you can live your long life in a comfortable, active, and productive way, able to enjoy the things you love along the way. Cut down on sugar, eat more vegetables, and stick to a healthy routine, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself, too.

For some fun and silly ways to live longer, read on. We have great recommendations for you to help lengthen your lifespan and have a blast while you’re at it.

Dance and let your hair down

Did you know that stress is one of the main killers of our modern times? Stress leads to a whole host of other problems and health complications. If you want to live longer, manage your stress levels. One of the best ways to do this is to dance, sing, and enjoy yourself. Let go of your inhibitions (you only have one life to live, after all!) and have some fun.

One great way to do this is to just dance, whenever you have the opportunity. Maybe there’s great music playing or you’re dancing to the beat of your own drum. It doesn’t matter: dance when you have the chance. Whatever your reason and wherever you are, move your body and live your life. The New York Times once referred to dancing as “the kale of exercise” because not only is it good for you, it makes you happy, too!

An article in WebMD explains it this way: “Want a reason to get out of your comfy armchair? Even low levels of regular physical activity -- brisk walking, dancing or gardening -- can reduce your risk of premature death, a new study finds. Americans who got in just 10 to 59 minutes of moderate physical activity every week had an 18 percent lower risk of death from any cause, compared with couch potatoes, the researchers found. Those benefits continued to mount with longer periods of activity.”

The less sedentary you are, the better for your lifespan. It’s healthy for your mind, body, and soul to keep moving, even as you age. Plus, dancing is a natural (and fun!) stress reliever. Easing up on your constant state of stress, anxiety, and worry can add years to your life (and remove wrinkles from your forehead and grays from your hair!).

You may feel that your life is just stressful and there’s nothing you can do about it. But that’s not true. You may not be able to change some things that you don’t like about your life, but it all comes down to perspective. Instead of focusing on the stressful situations and circumstances, flip the script and stew on what you’re grateful for. This one simple shift can lighten your mental and emotional load, giving you more time on this earth to live, laugh, love, and enjoy.

Dance more, stress less, and live longer -- it’s a simple recipe for happiness and a long life that you full enjoy living!

Go shopping

Good news for those who enjoy retail therapy: shopping may actually help you live longer! (No, online shopping doesn’t count.)

A study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health shared the results of scientific research that involved analyzing the habits of 1,850 men and women who were aged 65 and older. Of the group studied, those who went shopping every day lowered their risk of death by roughly 25 percent.

Maybe it’s because daily shopping helps to ensure some level of physical activity and socialization, or maybe it’s because shopping just has some secret magic to increase your life expectancy. Does it really matter? Spending can be fun as long as you don’t overdo it and go outside of your budget.

Shopping may seem unrelated to health, but if you think about it, there are some clear and tangible benefits. Going shopping can help give an aging person a sense of purpose (having a task to accomplish) and ward off loneliness, even if it’s just a simple daily exchange with the store clerk.

Being a hermit certainly won’t help to add years to your life, so get out there and do a little shopping every day. It will give you something to look forward to, a bit of socialization, connection with the world around you, and maybe even more time on Earth.

Floss every day

Turns out your dentist had some real wisdom when he or she recommended daily flossing. It may seem simple, even silly, to floss as a way to add years to your life. But that’s exactly what it does, according to Dr. Michael Roizen. In his book The RealAge Makeover, he claimed that a daily flossing routine can add more than six years to your life.

But how does flossing actually help improve your health or make any real difference in your life expectancy? Flossing is a vital part of dental hygiene, and bad dental hygiene can lead to worsened health by increasing your risk of gum disease, tooth decay, and tooth loss.

But these issues do more than just harm your smile and mouth health. They can lead to bacterial infections and unhealthy gums, which are linked to developing other diseases throughout the body, including heart disease. Yes, bad gums and teeth can lead to much bigger problems. Avoid those illnesses with a simple added step of flossing for a couple short minutes every day. It could give you more years on Earth.

Take Viagra

You might think this one is a typo, but it’s not! New research shows that if you’re a man, you might want to consider taking Viagra as a way to extend your life. Believe it or not, some studies suggest that in addition to its well known benefits to a man’s sex life, Viagra may come with the added benefit of lengthening a man’s life span.

An article on StudyFinds shares the news: “Taking Viagra may do more than just benefit a man’s love life. A new study finds the erectile dysfunction drug can also help lengthen a patient’s lifespan, too. Researchers at the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden report that men who have survived a heart attack could prolong their life by taking the drug. In fact, the more often they use it, the lower their risk of another attack.”

Did you know that impotence can be an early warning sign of cardiovascular disease? Because of this, taking an erectile dysfunction drug like Viagra may actually help to protect against heart attacks and other deadly heart conditions. The study suggests that Viagra may help to prolong life expectancy and protect against stroke and heart failure, too.

So if you’re a man and you’re looking for a good way to live longer, the secret may be in improving your love life, too.

Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider for medical advices. Consult your doctor first before taking any prescription medications.

Laugh a lot

They say that laughter is the best medicine, and the truth is not far off!

An article in Medical Daily suggests going to comedy shows and laughing regularly as a way to lengthen your life (and make your years happier while you’re at it). The article shares, “According to William Klemm, a neuroscience professor at Texas A&M, humor has the power to reduce high blood pressure, alleviate stress and anxiety, dull pain, improve feelings of well-being, and burn some extra calories.”

All of these are good things if you’re looking to extend your stay here on Earth. The article also mentions a study from Norwegian University’s Medical School which showed that laughing adds years to your life, summarizing, “Out of the 54,000 participants that were tracked over the course of seven years, those who laughed more were 35 percent more likely to still be alive at the end of the study. Go to a comedy show or surround yourself with funnier friends to help improve your chances of living a longer and happier life.”

Let loose and laugh a little. It’s good for you!

Don’t get sick

One easy way to live longer: don’t die! If you avoid sickness, you better your chances of succumbing to disease and illness. This seems obvious, but it’s true! Nourishing your immune system is key to living a long and healthy life.

One great way to boost your immune system is with a Vitamin C supplement like Nutrazul. This orange-flavored fizzy drink is one delicious way to get immune-boosting benefits and ward off sickness.

But that’s not all it does: this vitamin works hard to not only support immune function but also provide antioxidant benefits, form collagen, repair and maintain cartilage, heal wounds, form scar tissue, and more. In fact, other benefits of Vitamin C including protection against cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even wrinkles.

Yes, you read that right: wrinkles. Take Nutrazul and not only will you better your odds of living longer, you may even look younger while you do it!



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