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5 Mental Illnesses That People Constantly Misunderstand

by Richard C. - June 19, 2017
The subject of mental illness has been on a real journey in the last decade. It was not so long ago that when one heard the words ‘mental illness’, one would picture straightjackets and caricature visions of distressed people with wide eyes and wild hair, running barefoot down the street - ‘crazy’ people, for the want of a better word.

Don't Let Fun in the Sun Wreak Havoc On Your Skin

by Carrie B. - June 5, 2017
Summertime is almost upon us and that means high temperatures, longer days, and more hours outside under the dangerous UV rays of the sun. From the more extreme dangers like skin cancer, sun poisoning, and sunburn to the esthetically unpleasing sunspots, wrinkles, and dehydrated skin, sun exposure — even on a cloudy day — can truly wreak havoc on your skin.

Which Anticoagulant Medication is Right for You?

by Carissa Andrews - May 23, 2017
For a healthy individual, typical coagulation of the blood is a total win. If you hurt yourself, the clotting of the blood allows a wound to scab over, and triggers the healing process to begin. However, there are circumstances where the coagulation can cause serious side-effects, and even death.

Your Immune System… Friend… or Foe?

by Katie R. - May 15, 2017
Most of us think of an immune system as a working collection of organs and cells that help fight against evil germs that can hurt us. It is an invisible blanket of comfort that protects us and keeps us safe. But what exactly does our immune system do and how does it work? Our immune system is a collection of cells and organs that protect the body. The most important cells of protection are white blood cells. White blood cells search for, and destroy germs and other disease causing organisms.

Escape Acid by the Skin of Your Teeth

by Katie R. - May 1, 2017
As a dental hygienist, I see a lot of patients who struggle with preventable dental problems. In today’s world, dental acid erosion is causing a large health concern. Some would argue it is a larger problem than tooth decay. As a hygienist, and a mommy of a child with a history of severe reflux and frequent vomiting, this is a topic that has a very special place in my heart!