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    Can Your Social Life Keep Your Bones Healthy?

    by Skye Sherman - August 26, 2019
    What if the health of your social life goes down to the very core of who you are… your bones? While it may seem that these two important life elements would have absolutely nothing to do with the other, that may not be the case. Your bone health--or lack thereof--may indeed be playing a part in the health of your social life, which affects much more than just what you choose to do on the weekends.
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    World’s Best Affordable Summer Family Vacations to Take in 2019

    by Skye Sherman - August 12, 2019
    Looking to get away? The end of summer is near, but there’s still time to make memories with your family and squeeze in a trip before fall creeps in. Whether you’re taking a dream trip or have a very limited budget to travel this summer, you too can take a vacation with your family!
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    American’s Insulin Crisis Shows Why Americans Are Saying Yes to Canadian Drug Imports

    by Skye Sherman - August 6, 2019
    You may have seen the recent headlines: Americans continue to have to cross the border north to Canada in order to secure drugs they need at a price they can afford, including insulin and diabetes drugs.
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    Anemia? Fatigue? Sexual Dysfunction? It Could Be Iron Deficiency

    by Skye Sherman - July 22, 2019
    Do you suffer from anemia, fatigue, sexual dysfunction, or maybe a combination of all three? Nothing kills the mood quite like these states of being. If this sounds like you, there may be an easy answer out there for you: you might be iron deficient.
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    The 2019 Dementia Research Roundup: All You Need to Know

    by Skye Sherman - July 15, 2019
    Dementia is a silent killer and a heartbreaking disease, but as time marches on, developments in science and research bring new information to light. The more we know about this condition, the better equipped we are to deal with it when the diagnosis arises--and, hopefully, find a cure once and for all so no one else suffers at the ruthless hand of this terrible illness.
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