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Asthma Comes with A Specific Health Advantage—And Researchers Want to Know Why

by Bradley van Paridon - November 6, 2017
A diagnosis of asthma is not normally cause for celebration. But according to the latest research, it seems that the root cause of this disease may actually offer some protective measures against a deadly condition known as sepsis.
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What New-to-Arizona Movers Should Know about Valley Fever

by Colleen Stinchcombe - October 30, 2017
Arizona is a stunning state, but not one without it’s risk factors. You’ve probably heard about the cactus, rattlesnakes, and the possibility of overheating in the desert – but you may not have heard about a fungal infection prominent in the Phoenix area called Valley fever. Killing more than 3,000 people since 1990 and infecting more than 150,000 a year, Valley fever is a public health crisis every Arizonan should know about.
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6 Household Chores with Mental and Physical Benefits

by Arslan Butt - October 23, 2017
A recent study about physical activity, which involved people from 17 countries drew up the conclusion that performing household chores (doing chores around the house) provides the same benefits as working out and running, particularly when it comes to extending your life and lowering the risk of many heart diseases.
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Rethinking Gene Therapy to Prevent and Treat Multiple Sclerosis

by Betty Zou - October 16, 2017
Our immune systems are exceptional at defending against infection and keeping us in good health. As immune cells patrol our bodies, they constantly face the question—is this harmful? On the whole these cells are good at distinguishing between dangerous microbes, for instance, and our own organs, but occasionally they can slip up.
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How Mosquito-borne Illness Could Become A Daily Reality in North America

by Bradley van Paridon - October 11, 2017
In the wake of natural disasters such as the recent hurricanes in Central America and the US, the potential for severe disease outbreak is at a maximum. Infrastructure is destroyed, water and medicines are in short supply and sanitary conditions are alarming.
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