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Knitting Your New Year’s Resolution: Is Knitting Good For Your Health?

by Skye Sherman - January 6, 2020
Over the years, all kinds of activities have been presented as packed with potential health and mental wellness benefits: Sudoku puzzles, meditation, coloring books, and more. But what about knitting? This longstanding favorite pastime -- usually taken up in earnest by grandmothers and the crafty types -- is known to be relaxing and productive, but what else does it do for you?
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The 2019 Viagra Research Roundup

by Skye Sherman - December 16, 2019
Viagra is now 20 years old, but the drug continues to be popular and well known around the world. In this article, we provide the latest research on Viagra so you can stay on top of the times and up to date with the current research in the world of erectile dysfunction drugs.
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Can Cannabis Use Lead to A Better Sex Life?

by Skye Sherman - December 2, 2019
By now, the world is well aware that cannabis, even with its undeserved shadowy past, boasts a whole world of purported benefits. Cannabis use has the potential to result in a wide range of health benefits and unexpected life improvements.
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Aerobic Exercise: The Wonder Activity that Can Improve Your Physical and Mental Health

by Skye Sherman - November 18, 2019
It’s well known that some vital elements of staying healthy include eating a healthy, balanced diet and staying active with regular exercise. But what exactly does aerobic fitness do for you? And what is it, exactly? How do you know if you’re getting aerobic exercise?
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2020 Election: What to Expect in the Health Care Industry

by Skye Sherman - November 4, 2019
At times, it feels like politics has nothing and everything to do with our everyday life. Elections, officials, and government drama can feel far away from the day-to-day realities of paying bills, dealing with taxes, and handling health care needs.
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