The Surprising Benefits of Wild Swimming, the Latest Fitness Trend

by Skye Sherman - October 18, 2021
Have you heard of wild swimming? This nature-focused activity can have a lot of health benefits.
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Here's Why You Might Want to Skip a Workout

by Carrie Borzillo - October 18, 2021
We’ve heard a lot of “rules” for managing our diets and exercise routines. “Calories in, calories out” is a diet mainstay where you’re supposed to burn as many calories as you eat in a day.
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The War on New Drugs: Understanding House Bill HR3, the Lower Drug Costs Now Act

by Skye Sherman - October 4, 2021
Have you heard of House Bill HR3? Many people haven’t. Most Americans don’t follow every congressional report and proposed budget that passes through the upper levels of government.
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Preventing Prostate Cancer: Top Tips from Experts

by Skye Sherman - September 20, 2021
Did you know September is National Prostate Health Month? In this article, we’ll focus on all things prostate health in order to raise awareness about prostate cancer.
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Vaginal Hormone Therapy: Helps Deal with Symptoms of Menopause

by Dr. Bolanle Aina - September 6, 2021
Menopause is an inevitable aspect of aging in women but sometimes may be stigmatized as a disease condition. Some people find it uncomfortable to talk about what happens during this time in a woman’s life.
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