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January 2017: What Will Trumpcare Entail?

by Carissa Andrews - January 12, 2017
With just a few short days before Donald Trump becomes the next President of the United States, all eyes are on what he’ll do first. Congress is already addressing these concerns, as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan promises to repeal Obamacare (also known as the Affordable Care Act) within the first 100 days Trump is in office.

The Male Pill: It's Time Men Were Given Responsibility for Contraception

by Richard C. - December 12, 2016
Sex is unfair. It’s fun, evolutionarily important and biologically compelling, but it’s unfair. Immediately some men reading this might think, “Hell yeah, it’s unfair! Men have to buy all the drinks, do all the hard work and there’s not even a guarantee of getting laid, whereas women can just go and shack up with anyone, anytime!” Well, that’s a) not true and b) not what we mean anyway.

Could President Trump Spell Trouble for AIDS Research?

by Carissa Andrews - December 1, 2016
December 1, 2016 will mark the 28th year World AIDS Day has been dedicated to raising AIDS awareness throughout the world. It’s also a day for mourning the loss of those who have died because of this disease. Approximately 38 million people have HIV across the globe. Of those, only 18 million or so are getting the treatment they need. Since its discovery almost thirty years ago, 39 million people have died.

6 Tips from a Small Town Pharmacist to Combat Winter COPD

by Carissa Andrews - November 16, 2016
Winter brings about a host of challenges for just about any person. Icy roads, freezing weather, extremely dry houses, wood burning allergies, and an overabundance of colds, coughs, and flus just to name a few. But when you suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), winter can be even more miserable.

A Reminder to Get Your Flu Vaccine

by Nazreen Banu - November 10, 2016
Each year, many children get sick with seasonal influenza; some of those illnesses result in death.