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Rising Drug Prices In America And The Benefits Of Legalizing Importation

by CANPharmaworld - April 10, 2017
Have you noticed that medications have eaten up a bigger part of your paycheck over the last few years? You’re not alone. Prescription prices have been skyrocketing for decades — and there’s little sign that they’re slowing down. In the 1990s medications were just 7% of all healthcare expenses. By 2013, that shot up to 15.3%. It increased even more, to 16.7%, in 2015.

Drug Competition, the Patent Game, and Generic Cialis

by Carissa Andrew - March 6, 2017
Affordable drugs are something of a misnomer here in the United States. Everyone touts the desire to drive prices down, yet we’re paying more for our medications than virtually everyone else in the modern world.

10 Odd Things That Can Trigger Your Asthma

by Kristy Alpert - February 27, 2017
Chances are you’ve already done it at least once while reading this sentence. Breathing is the single most important thing we do as humans—where the average adult takes anywhere from 12 to 20 breathes per minute and up to 17,000 to 30,000 breathes throughout the day—and, unless you’re one of the 3 million Canadians affected by asthma, it’s something most of us take for granted.

The Over-50s Multi-action Guide to Quitting Smoking

by Richard C. - February 13, 2017
Indulge us in a little hypothetical. You started smoking when you were young. Your mom smoked, your dad smoked, your friends smoked - heck, everybody smoked back then. Then as the decades passed and new scientific evidence came to light, it became increasingly apparent that smoking was bad.

Brace Yourself Vancouver – Another Snowfall

by Naz - February 3, 2017
Most of Metro Vancouver woke up to 3 to 5 cm of snow this morning. The weather is "snowjoke", is our first snow on February 2017.